Trademark & Branding: Modern day battle of Czardom vs Bolsheviks

Trademark & Branding: Modern day battle of Czardom vs Bolsheviks

About 100 years ago, Czarist Russia came to a crashing halt following 70 years of dark rule under communist leadership. This included the violent end to Czar Nicholas the last ruling Romanov Czar and his family. Bolshevik rule will go on to kill approximately 60+ million Russians over the next 70 years.

In 2000, Czar Nicholas was canonized as a saint and modern Russia has again embraced the influence of Czardom.  

 In solidarity with the modern embrace of Czardom, The past 5 years we’ve undergone a trademark battle for the “Czar” name and branding for Czar Clothing.

Ironically, our trademark battle was against two Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks disparaged and trashed my European-Russian heritage, western civilization, and the advanced society from European influence in the world. Irrationally trashing people of Russian descent is a mental illness called Russophobia.

In addition, our opponent disparaged my attorneys and their staff. They tried to create “issues” to get my attorneys disbarred and motivate the trademark office to impose heavy sanctions. There was no merit to their defense or their falsified accusations. The Bolsheviks failed. My attorneys are extremely competent with Trademark Law and mapped out a strategy to win very early. Unfortunately we had to follow the correct procedures which drug this out over 5 years.

Bottom Line:
After 25+ years, our opponent demonstrated no commercial use for the Czar Trademark and falsified records to the trademark office claiming use of the Mark for 25+ years. They spent the last 5 years manufacturing evidence after we challenged their trademark. We also made 30-40 attempts to work this out amicably. The opposition was a shady crew illegally taking our private conversions and requests for an amicable solution and revealing that information to the public. That’s illegal.

Use it or Lose It:

At the end of the day, the purpose of a trademark isn’t to “prevent others from using or acquiring a trademark”. Once you obtain a Trademark you have an obligation to put the mark in commercial use or you are at risk of losing it. Use it or lose it.

We have the trademarks for Czarina Clothing and the recent developments we are discussing here will complete our trademark branding for Czar Clothing. Czar Clothing and Czarina Clothing will be marketed together and individually.

Our recent victory is only the beginning of our branding and fashion journey.

Through Czarina and Czar Clothing we are going to embrace our victory and promote the revival of modern day “Czar and Czarina Culture”

Czarina and Czar Clothing personifies Western Culture.

Come join us and follow us on our fashion journey to celebrate a renaissance and cultural revival of western culture. There is so much to celebrate and we are elated about the future. This includes but is not limited to culture, art, language, sports, government, critical thinking, social society, and freedom.

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